Back in Rwanda
ISBN: 978-2-87457-064-3
292 pages

Back in Rwanda

20 Years later, in the Kingdom of Mountain Gorillas

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En anglais. — The author had regular contacts with Dian Fossey up until the brutal murder of the famous American primatologist. While acknowledging the outstanding contribution of the extraordinary woman to the conservation of the mountain gorilla in the Virunga, he reveals other, less known aspects of her strong personality. Bernard De WETTER gives never-published – and surprising – information about events that took place short before and after the murder of the famous American, and which put the facts within a different context. He gives us his personal – and rather unexpected – view of the tragic event

Bernard De WETTER was also in charge of anti-poaching operations in world-famous Volcanoes National Park during several years as from 1984. From 2009 to 2011, he lived again in the Volcanoes area of Rwanda, this time as the manager of a high-end mountain lodge.
In a lively and pleasant style, the author shares with us his encounters with mountain gorillas and other wildlife in the Virunga forest. He invites us into the ‘new’ Rwanda he discovered upon his return, at a time when the aftermath of the civil war and genocide was still present in all memories. He takes us with him during his long patrols across the national park, in order to make us discover all aspects of the fight against poachers as it was taking place in the 1980’s…

A book not to be missed by all those who are interested in mountain gorillas!

The Author

De Wetter Bernard

A Belgian-born naturalist, Bernard De WETTER has been professionally involved in wildlife conservation projects in all four corners of the world for more than two decades.
His activities have been focusing more specifically on wildlife tourism for the last few years. He helped develop structures and activities of respectful and sustainable nature tourism aimed at promoting the conservation of wildlife species and/or wilderness areas, mostly in Africa and Europe.
He is also a prolific author of numerous books on wildlife and nature topics (in his mother language, French).


The Author
Luxury and Restraint
A New Rwanda?
Elephants, Buffaloes and Others
Rangers and Poachers
First Encounter
The « Forest of Hope »
Akagera: a sacrificed Jewel
Nyungwe: a safeguarded Treasure
Gorillas and People
“P.P.” & Intelligence Service
Nyiramacibili kufa!
The Birth of a Myth
An Accident looking like a Murder
The End of an Era

- Rwanda’s National Park Network
- Volcanoes National Park
- The Virunga Volcanoes
- The Three Contiguous Protected Areas in the Virunga


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