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La divinité du mont Argée
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La divinité du mont Argée

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O. CASABONNE, « La divinité du mont Argée », Res Antiquae 3, Bruxelles, 2006, p. 193-200.
Classical coins from Caesarea (Kayseri) in Cappadocia and gems depict the Argaeus mountain in relation with a solar deity and horse. Commentators often hesitated to give a name to this deity : Helios-Apollon, Zeus-Sarapis ? According to texts from Kanesh, compared with classical and iconographical sources, the Argaeus-deity could be Pirwa, god of the mountain and protector of horses, the sanctuary of which was a kind of baetyl.
Acta colloquii in memoriam Louis Delaporte et Eugène Cavaignac
(Institut catholique de Paris, 13-14 mai 2005) :
La montagne dans l’antiquité syro-anatolienne
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