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Les montagnes dans l’historiographie et la géographie hittites

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J. FREU, « Les montagnes dans l’historiographie et la géographie hittites », Res Antiquae 3, Bruxelles, 2006, p. 219-244.
The Hittite cuneiform texts and hieroglyphic inscriptions provide us with hundred of placenames, the names of countries, rivers or mountains. Names of numerous mountains, highlands or ranges are known. They allow to fix the borders between the hittite land and several vassal states (Kizzuwatna, Ugarit, Tarḫuntašša). They were the theatre of wars, especially against the “barbarous” Gasgas of the pontic chains, and of kings heroic deeds. Several sovereigns (Ammuna, Arnuwanda, Tutḫaliya) have taken a mountain name who was also the name of a god.
Acta colloquii in memoriam Louis Delaporte et Eugène Cavaignac
(Institut catholique de Paris, 13-14 mai 2005) :
La montagne dans l’antiquité syro-anatolienne
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