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Éléments d’onomastique hourrito-louvite et la légende étrusque de Tagès

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A. PORTNOFF, « Éléments d’onomastique hourrito-louvite et la légende étrusque de Tagès », Res Antiquae 3, Bruxelles, 2006, p. 375-390.
The story of Tages is one of the most authentic Etruscan legends. Nevertheless, his name cannot be easily explained by Etruscan. Both textual and epigraphical sources suggest some Anatolian connections with the Etruscan culture. If the knowledge transmitted by Tages is appropriate to search for the etymology of his own name in the eastern languages. This work makes an attempt to examine some linguistic elements belonging to Hurrian, Louvian or Hittite vocabularies in order to determine a possible extra-Italian origin for the Etruscan hero’s name.
Actes de la Journée Langues rares
(Institut catholique de Paris, 18 novembre 2005) :
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