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Les symboles divins solaires hittites. Circulation ou invention ?

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S. BIETTLOT, « Les symboles divins solaires hittites : circulation ou invention ? », Res Antiquae 7, Bruxelles, 2010, p. 3-12.
During Antiquity, Men live everyday the constant presence of the sun. Therfore their lifestyle is influenced by the sunlight and its positive heat. It could explain the fact that the Sun God becomes one of the main divinities. However civilizations from diverse regions of the Ancient Near East perceive the Sun in the same way. The representation is it invented in each place? Or is it broadcast a culture to another ? This concern centred on Anatolia is the heart of this paper that will attempt to highlight different points of view of the symbolism of the Solar divinity.
Actes des Cinquièmes Journées de l’Orient
Louvain-la-Neuve, 11-13 mars 2009 :
Entre Mer de Chine et Mer du Nord.
Migration des savoirs, transfert des connaissances, transmission des sagesses.
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