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Dans l’entourage de Karomama. Rapport préliminaire sur la fouille de la tombe à puits PF1013

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J.-C. SZTUKA, "Dans l’entourage de Karomama. Rapport préliminaire sur la fouille de la tombe à puits PF1013", in B. LURSON (ed.), "De la mère du roi à l’épouse du dieu. Première synthèse des résultats de la fouille du temple de Touy et de la tombe de Karomama – Von der Königsmutter zur Gottesgemahlin. Erste Synthese der Ausgrabungsergebnisse des Tempels von Tuja und des Grabes von Karomama" (Connaissance de l'Egypte Ancienne, 18), Brussels, 2017.
The tomb shaft PF1013, situated in the north-eastern sanctuary within the Temple of Tuya, was excavated during the 2015 excavation season. Situated in the same room as Karomama’s tomb, its excavation aimed to study the chronology of the development of the necropolis in this particular room and to find potential relationships between the deceased buried within it and the divine adoratrice. Such relationships could indeed explain why both tombs were dug in the same space.

Its excavation showed that the tomb had been plundered at the same time as Karomama’s, likely by the same team, and that it was still intact when it was plundered. The in situ artefacts allow for dating the burial to around the mid-8th century B.C. The name of the deceased, written on the back of an ushabti, may identify her as a king’s daughter.

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