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The Ushabtis of the Divine Adoratrice Qedmerut

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K. GRIFFIN, "The Ushabtis of the Divine Adoratrice Qedmerut", in B. LURSON (ed.), "De la mère du roi à l’épouse du dieu. Première synthèse des résultats de la fouille du temple de Touy et de la tombe de Karomama – Von der Königsmutter zur Gottesgemahlin. Erste Synthese der Ausgrabungsergebnisse des Tempels von Tuja und des Grabes von Karomama" (Connaissance de l'Egypte Ancienne, 18), Brussels, 2017.
Of all the women to have held the prominent title of Divine Adoratrice (dw3.t ntr), Qedmerut (Qd-mr.wt) is perhaps the most obscure. Though her exact chronological position is uncertain, the typology of her ushabti figures makes her likely the direct successor of Karomama G in the mid Twenty-second Dynasty. Qedmerut is known exclusively from her ushabti figures, which were discovered by the Egyptian Research Account in the late 1890s. This paper presents the forty known ushabtis of Qedmerut, discussing their iconography, inscriptions, provenance, and dating.

Keywords : Divine Adoratrice, Qedmerut, Ramesseum, Third Intermediate Period, Twenty-second Dynasty, Ushabti