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Le "Corpus scriptorum christianorum orientalium".
Phare de l’orientalisme louvaniste

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by Andrea Barbara SCHMIDT, in Luc COURTOIS (ed.), Les études orientales à l’Université de Louvain depuis 1834 (Histoire, 12), Brussels, 2021.

Based on documents held at the university archives (Fonds Chabot) at UCLouvain, the article retraces the history of the beginning of the CSCO collection founded in Paris in 1902 by Jean-Baptiste Chabot (1860-1948). It points out the rivalry of Chabot with René Graffin (1858-1941) and François Nau (1864-1931) who founded at the same time in Paris the Patrologia Orientalis. From 1912 onwards the collection was edited under the direction of Chabot and his successors (R. Draguet and A. de Halleux) at the Catholic University of Louvain and the Catholic University of America (Washington). After the split of the University of Louvain into two separate universities, the CSCO is edited by the Oriental Institute at the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve). At present CSCO includes a total number of 697 Eastern Christian texts in edition (in  Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Georgian, Greek, and Syriac) and translation, as well as monographs covering the period from late Antiquity to the beginning of modern times. The article gives an overview about the key figures and scholars who worked with Chabot, and a list of the directors of the collection from 1903 to 2020.

Keywords: J.-B. Chabot, L. Cheikho, B. Carra de Vaux, C. Conti Rossini, A. de Halleux, R. Draguet, J. Forget,  R. Graffin, I. Guidi,  H. Hyvernat, F. Nau, Patrologia Orientalis, Paris, Louvain, Washington


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