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Le temple des Muses de l’orientalisme louvaniste.
Petite histoire de la constitution de la bibliothèque orientaliste
de l’Université catholique de Louvain

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by Sophie MEUNIER, in Luc COURTOIS (ed.), Les études orientales à l’Université de Louvain depuis 1834 (Histoire, 12), Brussels, 2021.

The Orientalist section of the Arts and Letters Library of the UCLouvain was built thanks to the work of men and women who dedicated themselves to the University and its community. The history of the creation of its collections is traced here, from its beginnings with the first mention of oriental languages in books contained in the collections of the Catholic University of Leuven to the present UCLouvain. From 42 books in the 17th century, we have increased to more than 30.000 books in direct access, not to mention the provision of more and more "dematerialized" resources. The librarian of the Orientalist section moves with the times and is always keen to adapt to his users: in addition to the mission related to the book as such, we find ourselves entrusted with various tasks including the training of our readers in the use of ever increasing resources and data.

Keywords: orientalism, library, librarian, oriental languages, uclouvain


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