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Le commerce méditerranéen sur les sites ruraux de la lusitanie méridionale dans l’antiquité tardive. Le cas d’Alcoutim (Algarve, Portugal)

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Despite being outside the Mediterranean basin, southern Lusitania is still near enough to have been influenced by its trade networks throughout Antiquity. From the 4th century onwards, North African goods become more and more visible archaeologically in region. The rural site of Alcoutim (Algarve, Portugal) has yielded African Red Slip Ware and African Cooking Ware, and –much more scarcely– Phocaean Red Slip Ware, which make up the sole indications of Late-Antique commercial ties between the Mediterranean and southern Lusitania. Using Alcoutim as a case-study, the present essay sets out to understand the disintegration of Mediterranean trade networks that supplied rural sites the region by comparing the frequency of North African and Phocaean imports of the Later Empire and Late Antiquity.

Special issue around the theme: "The rural World during the ancient Medditerranean Culture: Right/Laws, Religion, Trade, Practices"
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