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Oikonomia attikè. Un monde agricole tourné vers les échanges

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C. FLAMENT, « "Oikonomia attikè". Un monde agricole tourné vers les échanges », Res Antiquae 10, Brussels, 2013.
This article proposes to explain the low quantities of grain collected from the famous Eleusinian aparchè of 329/8 (IG II2 1672) by the under-exploitation of cereals in Attika during the last quarter of the 4th century B.C. This under-exploitation follows from the particular organization of the Athenian rural economy, which was more largely turned to the market than in any other Greek city. Such a situation implies that Athenian farmers were tempted to favour crops of high cash value, what cereals were not according to the Roman author Cato. This particular form of rural economy also explains the dependency of the City on imported grain during the 4th century B.C.

Special issue around the theme: "The rural World during the ancient Medditerranean Culture: Right/Laws, Religion, Trade, Practices"
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