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Le pays du dieu de l’Orage dans l’inscription du Südburg

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É. VAN QUICKELBERGHE, « Le pays du dieu de l’Orage dans l’inscription du Südburg », Res Antiquae 12, Brussels, 2015.
In line with the communication of P. Goedegebuure in Warsow (2011), this contribution focuses on several toponyms in the Hieroglyphic Luwian Südburg inscription, especially “TONITRUSURBS”. This toponym, generally identified with Tarḫuntassa, is more likely to be identified with Nerik (Hawkins), another major sanctuary of the Hittite Storm-God. We suggest another interpretation for the toponym ta-NEGURBS, and a hypothetical good candidate for the designation of Tarhuntassa in Hieroglyphic Luwian. Furthermore, the historical and geographical consequences of this new identification are being discussed.