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An amphora with painted marks from Himera

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R. M. ANZALONE, "An amphora with painted marks from Himera", Res Antiquae 13, Brussels, 2016.
This paper presents a ‘pseudo-Chian’ amphora from the habitation area of Himera. The vessel is noteworthy for the presence of several red painted marks. Probably produced in southern Campania during the last quarter of the 5th century BC, the amphora was made for the transport and storage of wine. A numeral notation on the shoulder is particularly interesting: as it is inconsistent with the estimated capacity of the vase, I suggest that it may allude to the price of the contents. The amphora from Himera presents a further hint on the economic relations between the Campano-Lucanian district and the Chalcidian colony of Sicily soon before its destruction in 409 BC.

Keywords: Himera, amphora, trade, prices, wine, trademarks