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Ḫakpiš, la prima “Sekundogenitur” di Ḫatti ? Considerazioni sul rapporto giuridico di Ḫattušili con Muwatalli e Urḫi-Teššup/Muršili III sulla base di CTH 81

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by Marta PALLAVIDINI, in Res Antiquae 14, 2017.

The so-called Apology of Ḫattušili III (CTH 81) is one of the most studied Hittite cuneiform documents, both for its “historical” content and for its apologetic rhetoric. Most of the text deals with the recount of the events that led Ḫattušili to become Great King of Ḫatti. This happened after a war with his nephew Urḫi-Teššup and it is generally defined as a coup d’état. In my opinion there is terminological evidence that contradicts this definition. The analysis of this evidence will show that Ḫattušili had a structured juridical relation with both Urḫi-Teššup and Muwatalli, i.e. treaties have been stipulated between Ḫattušili and his brother and his nephew. This contribution aims also to reconstruct the content of those treaties.

Keywords: Apology of Hattusili, Interstate Relations, Treaties, Urhi-Tessup, Sekundogenitur