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Gli oggetti di uso cultuale da un impianto produttivo della prima età imperiale nel territorio dell’antica Florentia Contributo alla storia economica dell’Etruria romana

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by Fabiana FABBRI, in Res Antiquae 15, 2018.

The production area of the kilns of Vingone, situated in the borough of Scandicci, south-west of the city of Florence in Tuscany was discovered in 1980 during excavation works on a large building site, and brought to light by the Soprintendenza ai Beni Archeologici della Toscana. As well as the remains of various kilns, the finds included a considerable amount of pottery and bricks ; the excavation has been published in E. J. Shepherd, G. Capecchi, G. de Marinis, A. Patera, (ed.), Le fornaci del Vingone a Scandicci. Un impianto produttivo di età romana nella valle dell’Arno (Rassegna di Archeologia 22b), 2006, Firenze. The aim of this study is to point out a particular set of pottery intended to be used for cultual purpose.

Keywords: Roman pottery kilns, Roman Northern Tuscany,  worshipping pottery