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Sur les traces d’jtf3 wr devenu (Osiris) (m) jtf3 wr ou (m) 3tf wr à Héliopolis

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by Pierre P. KOEMOTH, in Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

After discussing an entity « (Osiris) (in) (temple) jtf3 wr/3tf wr », the author separates then a temple located at Heliopolis, where Osiris has been introduced during the New Kingdom as « Osiris in (the temple) jtf3 wr », from a second place, an Osirian one since his origin, located at El-Matareya and probably inherited from a Pr-Wsjr later converted into the holy necropolis of « Osiris jtf3 wr » quoted on the private funeral stelae. The spelling created after the Middle Kingdom uses the new phoneme jtf3/3tf for the knife sign (T 30), as to underline his ritual importance. The origin of this jtf3 wr is thus prior to Osiris but also related to the homonymous predynastic shrine of Upper Egypt at Hieraconpolis and his eponymous divinity who became a ritual priester sem beheading sacrificial animals like the gooses. If this Osiris of the jtf3 wr temple is proceeding from a liturgy shared with next temples celebrating the Seth’s destuction, an archaic relation with this dynastic shrine explains also his appearance in the royal jubilees festivities through the participation of Isis, a real innovation in this way.

Keywords: Atef Our, Beheading, Knife, Heliopolis, Osiris, Ritual