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Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi. Une base de réflexion pour le rituel funéraire royal néo‑assyrien

 = Paper = 

Fabrice DE BACKER, in Res Antiquae 17, 2020.

This paper proposes a hypothetic reconstruction of the funeral rituals employed to bury the King during the Neo-Assyrian period. Written, visual, architectural and material evidences will be employed to analyse and identify the different steps and the different actors interacting with the body, directly or not, and the several locations where the corpse surely was cared in. Ethnographical comparisons will come in handy with the knowledge and experience of proper funeral undertakers to support the hypothesis presented, giving new insight and topics of research to the scholars that are awaiting to go back and excavate in former Assyria.

Keywords: king, neo-assyrian, funeral, Kalhu, burial, ritual, Tigris, Assur
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