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La femme dans les religions égéennes

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by Jacques VANSCHOONWINKEL, in Res Antiquae 17, 2020.

Women occupied an important place in the Aegean world of the Bronze Age, as evidenced by the clearly predominant female presence in the iconography of the period. This article focuses on the role of women in Aegean religions. For this purpose, he first analyses the information provided by the Mycenaean texts. Due to their administrative nature, they are unfortunately not very enlightening on the organisation and functions of the priesthood, but they inform us about offerings and religious personnel. The information can be supplemented by examining the presence of women in the scenes described as religious, which have been provided mainly by the Minoan, Cycladic and Mycenaean frescoes, rings and seals.

Keywords: Aegean, woman, linear B, religion, clothing, Bronze Age, frescoes
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