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Ressemblances et dissemblances dans les conflits entre les dieux et déesses des mythologies égyptienne et grecque

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by Mayoro DIA, Benjamin DIOUF, in Res Antiquae 18, 2021.

The stories of Egyptian and Greek mythologies are very enticing and very instructive. They sometimes offer us very interesting resemblances and dissimilarities to study for life lessons. This is the case of the uterine conjugal unions of the Egyptian gods and goddesses and the Greek gods and goddesses, and their conflicts, more particularly the war between Horus and Seth in Egypt and that between Zeus and Cronos in Greece. The uterine marriages of Osiris and his sister Isis, of Cronos and his sister Rhéa show two opposite faces of the spouse and the father. Osiris embodies benevolence, and Cronos embodies cruelty. Better still, the passion for power sowed division in the divine world and led the mother goddesses to use stratagems to save their son and keep them on the throne. Isis saved Horus from his uncle Seth, the murderer of his father whom he confronted, and Rhea protected Zeus from his bloodthirsty father Cronos whom he will fight. These different conflicts reveal the consequences of the appetite for power in any divine or human society.

Keywords: conflict, uterine marriage, mythology, refuge, conjugal union