ISBN: 978-2-87457-138-1

New Onomastic Evidence for Egyptian-Mesopotamian Interaction

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by Mattias KARLSSON, in Res Antiquae 19, 2022.

Relations between Egypt and Mesopotamia were particularly close in the seventh century BCE, when the Neo-Assyrian empire controlled Egypt for about a decade. This period of close relations is partly illuminated by onomastic evidence, which for example points to individuals with Egyptian names appearing in Assyrian documents written in Mesopotamian cuneiform. The vast majority of these examples of Egyptian names in Neo-Assyrian texts are brought up in the reference work The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (PNA) and its electronic update database PNAo. This brief article presents new onomastic evidence for Egyptian-Mesopotamian interaction, identifying a number of new Egyptian names in Mesopotamian cuneiform and new Egyptian individuals in Neo-Assyrian texts, with an emphasis on the names/individuals Ḫaḫpi and Puṭi-Mutû.

Keywords: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Assyria, onomastic, Assur