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Reconsidering Mycenae. Patterns Antroponimici nella serie Au, una proposta di lettura

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by Sara LOPEZ, in Res Antiquae 19, 2022.

The ‘Au series’ is a restricted group of six Linear B tablets dated to the Late Bronze Age and found in households located immediately outside the walls surrounding the site of Mycenae. These documents, which bear lists of personnel and were written by different scribes in separate buildings, are characterized by the sharing of anthroponyms that are repeated according to constant relative sequences. Unfortunately, in many cases, their fragmentation has made the reading of entire parts of the text uncertain. This is the reason why more than one interpretative proposal has often been made, without reaching a definitive reading. However, we believe that the constant repetition of anthroponymic sequences can be a valuable aid in the interpretation of parts of documents that are almost illegible. As a demonstration of this, the paper aims to suggest a proposal for the integration of the text of one of these tablets, MY Au 653+, reached by combining the philological-contextual study of the anthroponymic sequences mentioned with the paleo-epigraphic study of the documents in the series.

Keywords: Linear B, Mycenaean Greek, palaeography, epigraphy, Au series