ISBN: 978-2-87457-145-9

Two bronze statuettes of Vacuna from the territory of Cascia in ancient Sabina

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by Valentina BELFIORE, Francesca DIOSONO, Dario MONTI, in Res Antiquae 20, 2023.

The article will present two bronze statuettes from the surroundings of the modern town of Cascia (Perugia, Italy), which are interpreted as representations of the goddess Vacuna, one of the most famous but least known deities in the Sabine pantheon. If this is the case, they could be the only known material representation of the goddess. This study provides an opportunity to reopen the case for this Italic goddess, re-examining not only her relationship with other contemporary deities, but also the nature of her cult and its evolution in the Roman context, where she was assimilated to the goddess Victoria, probably due to her iconography depicting a winged female figure.

Keywords: Vacuna, Victoria, Sabina, italic religion, Cascia, archaeology
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