ISBN: 978-2-87457-145-9

Quo Vadis, Domine ? Où les rois d’Assyrie emportaient-ils les statues des divinités ennemies capturées ?

 = Paper = 

by Fabrice DE BACKER, in Res Antiquae 20, 2023.

This paper deals with the exodus of the enemy deities after an Assyrian victory between Ashurnazirpal II and Ashurbanipal. The reasons to capture such statues, the means and ways employed to bring them back and the possible demonstration of power their return represented will also be part of this discussion. Finally, one will propose an itinerary to a place located in Kalhu where the statues could have been stored and exhibited.

Keywords: enemy, deities, statues, deportation, Palace, Kalhu, Assyria, victory, ceremonies, procession