ISBN: 978-2-87457-145-9

The walls in the shadow of the mountain. A recently discovered pre-Islamic site in Taragheh, Bukan, Iran

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by Esmaiel Maroufi AQHDAM, Obeidollah SORKHABI, Andrea CESARETTI, Roberto DAN, Behrouz KHANMOHAMMADI, in Res Antiquae 20, 2023.

Recent survey activities conducted in the Bukan region have led to the discovery of numerous previously unknown archaeological remains. Among these, one of the most interesting discoveries is a military complex near the village of Taragheh, right on the slopes of an important rock massif of the same name. The purpose of this paper is to describe and discuss this fortification system. The structures found, in particular long and massive fortification walls, have been dated on the basis of the construction technique and finds discovered to historical times, in particular the Parthian period. The structures appear to have been repaired and reused in both the Sassanian and Safavid periods. The complex is enigmatic especially in relation to its function, which remains difficult to interpret.

Keywords: Mount Taragheh, fortification walls, Iron Age, Parthian-Sassanian, Safavid