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» Moors, Herman J. J.
Herman MOORS. — In this article I will argue that Aphrodite – or Kypris, as she was called by Homer – is to be understood as the Greco-Cypriot interpretation of the Syrian goddess Atargatis, to whom the first part of this study is devoted. Contrary to common opinion, her name will be explained as a compound of Astarte and ‘Ate, the latter being the bearded and violent, even self-destructive, son of the former…
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Herman MOORS. — In a previous article published in issue XV of this journal, I proposed to read šmn, “oil”, in verse 1: 3b of the Song as šnm, “erected, lifted up”, cognate of šnm in Ugaritic and sanim in Arabic…
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by Herman J.J. MOORS. — Both the enigmatic biblical term šônîm (Prov 24:21), apparently a plural, and its Ugaritic equivalent šnm, are etymologically related to Arabic sanima, “to be high, gibbous.”…
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