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À propos du serpent Illuyanku, le *H4enghu de *H1lH3

 = Paper =
A. FOURNET, «  À propos du serpent Illuyanku, le *H4enghu de *H1lH3 », Res Antiquae 11, Brussels, 2014, p. 121-128.
The paper deals with the name of the snake Illuyanka or Illuyanku, attested in the Hittite mythology, and with its etymology, together with some Hurrian words with similar phonetic shape: illu-, irru- and inu-, with resonants l, r, n and the vocalic scheme i_u. It is advocated that Illuyanka is a Hurrian syntagm that means the “snake of destruction” < *H1lH3-(w)i *H4enghu(i).