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Qal’eh Takht/Nanas. A fortress and rock-cut chamber in the Lake Orumiyeh Basin, Iran

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Keomars Haji MOHAMADI, Behrouz Khan MOHAMADI, Roberto DAN, in Res Antiquae 14, 2017.

The present article describes an archaeological site recently discovered in the Lake Orumiyeh Basin, in an area locally known as Takht or Qalʽeh Takht. Just above the village of Nanas, there is a hill with unexplored remains. There are ruins of ancient structures on the eastern slope and on the southern one, where the remains of an Islamic settlement characterized by the presence of Islamic pottery are clearly recognizable. On the top of the rock outcrop are visible the ruins of a fortification and a possible cult area cut into the rock. The rock-cut complex of Qalʽeh Takht shows similarities to other complexes with rock-cut chambers and rock-cut cultic areas that can be dated with high probability to Urartian times.

Keywords: Iran, Orumiyeh Lake, Fortress, Rock-cut complex, Rock-cut tomb, Urartu