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Le sort des villes pendant les guerres civiles de Sylla à César. Les villes épargnées

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by Mariama GUEYE, in Res Antiquae 15, 2018.

During the conflicts between the Romans under the Republic, cities and their populations often appear in ancient texts. Assaulted or peacefully occupied, ill-treated or spared, their fate remains linked to several factors. This article proposes to study the motives which explain the indulgent fate enjoyed by certain cities during the civil wars of Sulla to Caesar. Two major reasons are analyzed. The first is the behavior of cities and their inhabitants, which can directly influence the attitude of the occupying forces. The second concerns the decision of the general, which depends on his personality and his geostrategic calculations.

Keywords: Capitulation, Caesar, Clemency, City, Civil war, Marius, Pompey, Populations, Republic, Resistance, Sulla