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La fides romana sous le regard critique des ennemis de Rome à la fin de la République

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by Mariama GUEYE, in Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

This article addresses the critical views that Rome’s enemies have made on the Roman fides in international relations at the end of the Republic, coinciding with a certain decadence of the moral values of Roman society. They denounce the content and falsify of casus belli alleged by the Senate and the generals to justify the outbreak of conflict. What value is given to the judgments formulated by the adversaries of Rome on the Roman fides? Yet their criticisms, based on pertinent facts and timidly or distinctly confirmed by the opinion of some ancient authors, are not always the result of hatred, but reflect, in a sense, the changes in the ideological orientations of Rome’s foreign policy.

Keywords: Ariovistus, Caesar, Fides, fraus, Gaul, Guarantee, Just war, Macedonia, Mithridates VI, Perseus, Perfidia, Philip V, Provincia, Republic, Unjust war