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« Shamshi-Ilu Went to Camp along with Captain Bassing ...». La formation militaire des recrues néo-assyriennes

 = Paper = 

by Fabrice DE BACKER, in Res Antiquae 18, 2021.

This paper deals with the recruitment and training of the Neo-Assyrian troops between the 8th and the 7th century B.C. for a short military campaign. The basics of the military planning for the operations and of the warfare intruction provided to the troops at their « Boot Camp » will be reviewed according to the sources available at hand. The reader will surely have a priori understood that all these elements rely on a huge part of deduction from the available sources and ethnographical comparisons with other armies. Hypothetical calculations will be presented to assume the amounts of recruits that the Neo-Assyrian establishment could train in a given time-span in a given place. The main goal of this paper, apart from providing a new possible insight in this understudied part of the Neo-Assyrian military, is to open new ways for further research.

Keywords: Neo-Assyrian, military, training, recruits, campaign, infantry, cavalry, chariotry