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Šuppiluliuma I ou Šuppiluliyama (II)

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The treaty between the Hittite King Suppiluliuma (c. 1350-1319 B.C.) and Niqmadu, the king of Ugarit (Ras Shamra) has been preserved in several akkadian (syllabic cuneiform) tablets and one ugaritic (alphabetic cuneiform) version (RS 11.772+ = KTU 3.1). The ugaritic text raises several problems of interpretation and datation. A daring study has recently suggested that the all texts relating to the treaty refer to the begin of Suppiluliyama (II) at the end of 13th century B.C. It seems impossible and must be excluded. The first record of Ugarit’s passage from Egyptian sphere of influence to Hittite fold is surely connected to Suppiluliuma’s actions in Syria around 1340-1330 B.C. and not to the Suppiluliyama’s reign (c. 1210-1185 B.C.).
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