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ISBN: 978-2-87457-091-9
par Jean-Louis Van Belle

Coll. Témoins d'Histoire, 4
492 p., cartonné, en N&B + grand plan en couleurs
79,00 €
2017. Disponible

Recensement des édifices et maisons de Bruxelles

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par le Sieur de Chassey en 1597-1598

More details in French

Book in French. — In 1597, Philip II requested a census of the buildings and houses of Brussels in order to use them as an accommodation for the court personnel. This document recently found in private archives is now published in its entirety, together with an extensive index of more than 8,000 entries (anthroponyms, toponyms, odonyms, signs). A mine of information about the history of Brussels before the fire of 1695…

Detail of the plan of Brussels by Georg BRAUN and Franz HOGENBERG, 1576 (AVB)