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Le grand mariage hittite de Ramsès II et son empreinte dans la mémoire égyptienne

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C. CANNUYER, « Le grand “mariage hittite” de Ramsès II et son empreinte dans la mémoire égyptienne », dans I. KLOCK-FONTANILLE, S. BIETTLOT et K. MESHOUB (éd.), Identité et altérité culturelles : le cas des Hittites dans le Proche-Orient ancien. Actes de colloque, Université de Limoges 27-28 novembre 2008, Brussels, 2010, p. 87-104.
The marriage of Ramesses II, in the year 34, with the daughter of Hattušili III, king of the Hittites, is known by the Marriage Stela. This document of the royal propaganda in a time when the deification of king reaches its highlight, reports the event as if it was an act of submission of the Hittite sovereign. But the consideration reserved for the princess, henceforth known as queen Maat-Hor-neferu-re, shows that Ramesses II, with a great sense of political realism, had to comply with the requirements of the Court of Boğazköy and treat as equal to equal with his in-laws. The event struck greatly the minds : in centuries of distance, the Bakhtan Stela is a fictionalized echo. Confirming a hypothesis uttered by A. Spalinger, this article shows that under the name of Bakhtan hides the deformed name of Hatti. This deformation occurred probably in the Greco-Roman time period, what would confirm the narrative’s dating formerly defended by Spiegelberg.
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